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Boys Trip Questionnaire

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey! This backpacking trip is a chance to stretch our edges beyond our usual environments and explore the remarkable wild places of the North Cascades.

Important! All participants must complete this questionnaire before registration is complete.

Note: your spot will be held, but registration is not confirmed until we receive this completed questionnaire.

Participant Name *
Participant Name
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Date of Birth
Which backpack trip are you participating in? *
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Packing your backpack:
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Staying warm and dry in the backcounty: *
Collecting and purifying water: *
Using a map: *
Setting up tents or tarps: *
Storing / protecting food: *
Cooking / preparing food: *
Ability to manage biological needs in a backcountry setting (i.e. nourishment, hydration, sleep, using primitive toilets/cat-holes, etc.) *
Local plant knowledge: *
Local animal knowledge: *
Will you be bringing any medications on this trip? If yes, please complete our Medications Form for EACH medication.
See link to Medications Form in your registration account or under Policies on our website.
I will come prepared to carry my fully-loaded backpack. *
Note: On this trip, we will work together as a group and help each other out. We will also take breaks whenever we judge that it's appropriate. However, it's important for each person to commit to carrying his own weight in as much as he is able. Please plan to train ahead of time. See our website Resources page for training tips.
Parents: A participant's body size determines his pack weight. It is recommended that participants carry 25% of their body weight or less; however, depending on a participant's weight, his base pack weight (without group gear) may exceed 25% of his body weight. On trips longer than three days, it is expected that participants will carry a share of the group gear. Again, with parents' permission and depending on the participant's positive mental attitude, some participants' pack weights may exceed 25% of their body weight. If this is not acceptable, participants may need to delay their participation until the following year. *

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. We will be in touch with more trip information closer to our departure date.


Wilderness Explorations Coordinator, Sammy Jolly: