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Girls Trip Questionnaire

One of the joys of backpacking is leaving civilization behind. This means there is no cell phone reception, no easy access to cars, no electricity, warm showers, stores, and other comforts of city life. Instead of depending on these things, we rely on our preparedness, common sense, one another, and nature. This makes for a deeper connection with nature – and ourselves.

Important! All participants must complete this questionnaire before registration is complete.

Note: your spot will be held, but registration is not confirmed until we receive this completed questionnaire.

Participant Name *
Participant Name
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Which backpack trip are you participating in? *
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Motto: Challenge by choice
Beginning trip participants only.
Motto: Stretch your edge
Motto: Safety first
Motto: Collaborate and compromise
Will you be bringing any medications on this trip? If yes, please complete a Medications Form for EACH medication. *
See link to Medications Form in your registration account or under Policies on our website.
Motto: Be prepared
Participant Commitment: I understand the importance of pre-trip training. I commit to preparing my body and mind for this trip by reviewing the Trip Training Tips and regularly hiking with a full pack, in shoes I plan to backpack in, prior to departure day. I understand that by registering for this trip, I commit to train for it.
Parents: Please note that participant body size tends to determine pack weight. It is recommended that girls carry 25% of their body weight or less; however, depending on girls' weight, their base pack weight (without group gear) may exceed 25% of body weight. On trips longer than three days, it is expected that girls will carry a share of group gear. Thus, some participants' pack weight may exceed 25% of body weight. If this is not acceptable, lighter weight girls may need to delay participation until the following year. *

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. We will be in touch with more trip information closer to our departure date.


Wilderness Explorations Coordinator, Sammy Jolly: