Cascadia Adventures Camp - Grades 2-3


Cascadia Adventures Camp - Grades 2-3


2018 Session 1: August 13-17 (FULL - Standby List Available)

Welcome to a full week of explorations in and around the greater Bellingham area. We will romp in the woods, squish through the mud, and play a variety of epic games during our explorations to get lost in play and immersed in the natural surroundings. This is a great camp for younger participants who are up for a full week of outings, but not quite ready for an overnight.



2018 Schedule

MONDAY: Fairhaven Park, 9:30-4:00PM

Fairhaven Park and the nearby Hundred Acre Wood have been a Wild Whatcom stomping ground for years now. The diverse landscape, thick sword ferns, and wise cedars make one forget their proximity to town. Expect a full day of hiking, playing games, honing our awareness to the natural world, and learning to work together as a group.

Drop-off and Pick-up: From I-5, take exit 250 (Old Fairhaven Parkway) and head west to Chuckanut Drive. Turn left and follow Chuckanut Drive to the Fairhaven Park entrance. Turn right into the first parking lot. Map.

TUESDAY: Clayton Beach, 9:30-4:00PM

Wow! Where do we begin? There is just so much to do at Clayton Beach! Right off of Chuckanut Drive, there are forests to explore, fossils to find, rocks to climb, giant hills of sand to play on, plus all the awesome plants and animals that call this area home. Where we go and what we do is determined by our curiosity.

Drop-off and Pick-up: From I-5 take exit 250 (Old Fairhaven Parkway) and head west. Turn left onto Chuckanut Drive and head south to Larrabee State Park (approx. 5.5 miles). The parking lot for Clayton Beach is a short distance past the main Larrabee State Park entrance on your left. Map.

Reminder: A Discover Pass is required for all parking at Larrabee State Park. If you do not have a Pass, please stay with your vehicle and plan to make drop-off and pick-up quick.

WEDNESDAY: Sehome Arboretum, 9:30-4:00PM

Look forward to both on and off trail hiking! We will explore the lesser-known areas of this hill; relying primarily on our newly developed navigation skills to scramble over rocks, slide down dirt hills and find our way through the many enchanted gullies.

Drop-off and Pick-up: From I-5 take exit 252 (Samish Way) and head west to Bill McDonald Parkway and WWU. Turn right on 25th Street. Take a slight right toward the Arboretum and find parking immediately on the right. Map.

THURSDAY: Bakerview Beach, 9:30-4:00PM

Bakerview Beach is one of the most memorable locations we will visit during our week of explorations. Prepare for epic tide flats filled with curious creatures, mud pits, roaming streams, and wide expanses of adventure. We will hike out into the mud flats and adventure into the Nooksack Delta.

Bring your swimsuit and a pair of water shoes that have a heel and are closed-toed so they won't come off. That mud is thick! Hats, sunglasses, extra water and sunscreen will also be key on this outing! Parents make sure to bring a change of clothes and protection for the inside of your car (a large garbage bag works)-- it will be a messy day!

Drop-off and Pick-up: From I-5, take exit 253 (Lakeway Drive). Head west on Lakeway Drive toward downtown Bellingham. Turn slightly right onto Holly Street and continue through downtown to Eldridge Avenue. Continue on Eldridge Avenue as it turns into Marine Drive. Turn left on Bancroft Road and drive for 0.1 miles. Turn right at Olympic Way. Meet at the third house on the left (1403 Olympic Way), home of The Campbell's who graciously let us use their beach access! Map.

Please note: Parking is very limited. We'll be there to meet you, so be prepared for a quick transfer.

FRIDAY: Whatcom Falls Park via Bloedel-Donovan Park, 9:30-4:00PM

The far east end of Whatcom Falls Park meets the far west end of Lake Whatcom at Bloedel-Donovan Park. We'll explore land and water, forest and stream. This side of Whatcom Falls Park has tons of mystery ripe for discovery. With so many options of where to go, we will draw on all our group decision making skills we developed during the week to help guide us on our explorations.

Bring water shoes (close-toed), swimsuit, and small towel if you plan on wading in the creek!

Drop-off and Pick-up: From I-5, take exit 253 (Lakeway Drive) and head east on Lakeway Drive for 1.7 miles. Turn left on Electric Avenue and drive for 0.9 miles. Turn right into the Bloedel-Donovan Park parking lot. Map.

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