Chuckanut Wilds Camp - Grade 3


Chuckanut Wilds Camp - Grade 3


Session 1 (cancelled): June 26-30   Session 2 (sold out): August 7-11

Note: this camp has a Thursday overnight.

Did you know that Chuckanut Mountain is the only place where the Cascade Mountain range meets the sea? In the Chuckanut Wilds Camp, we’ll use this fun fact as a platform for a week of deep discovery and fun-filled exploration from the ridge of Chuckanut Mountain to the shorelines of Chuckanut Bay. Our navigation and decision-making skills will be put to the test as we wind our way from Chuckanut Ridge down to Fragrance Lake, explore coves, beaches, and sandstone caves, and eventually set up camp for an overnight at Larrabee State Park. 


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MONDAY: Chuckanut Seashore Coves, 10:00-4:00PM

After we gather and connect with one another, we’ll review some key Wild Whatcom mottos, and look ahead to what the week holds. Then we’ll set off to explore our way south and west, practicing collaborative decision-making along the way to shore and bay.

Girls should wear closed-toed water shoes on feet or bring in pack.

Drop-off and Pick-Up: Lost Lake trailhead parking lot off Chuckanut Drive, about .5 miles past the entrance to Larrabee State Park. Turn left into the parking lot to find mentors waiting and waving! Map. 

TUESDAY: Bakerview Beach Exploration, 9:00-3:00PM

On this day we’ll head northwest to Bakerview Beach. With an expansive view of Bellingham to our East, and Lummi Island stretching directly in front of us, we’ll explore the shores, wade in the shallow waters, and talk mudslides and tides in this ever-changing ecosystem. This shallow bay empties at low tide, exposing lots of gooey mud and sandstone formations to explore, as well as a food pantry for shore birds like herons, kingfishers, and cormorants. Those who really like to get dirty can enjoy our annual summer mud-gushing day in the Salish Sea’s HQM (High Quality Mud). Mud-gushing is optional – there will be plenty to do for those girls who prefer to stay clean!  Closed toed water shoes with straps (Keens or similar, or old tennis shoes) are essential today

Closed toed water shoes with straps (Keens or similar, or old tennis shoes) are essential today.

Drop-off and Pick-up: 1403 Olympic Way at the Campbell's, a long-time Wild Whatcom family. Drive west on Eldridge Avenue to Marine Drive approximately 4.5 miles from downtown to Bancroft Road. Turn left. After 0.1 mile, go right at Olympic Way. The Campbell's are in the third house on the left. Thanks for carpooling and making a quick drop off to limit our impact on the Campbell's generosity.

WEDNESDAY: Chuckanut Mountain Ridge to Road, 9:30-5:00PM 

Explorers do traverses in some outings, with the length growing as the girls do, increasing from half a mile to as many as sixty miles as they get older. On this day, girls will do such a traverse, from mountain ridge to the road below. We'll add to our understanding of this special mountain place and also learn all about navigation and route-finding with an epic adventure from near the top of Chuckanut Mountain to a beautiful lake, and then down, down, down to waiting parents along Chuckanut Drive. This adventure will ask girls to Stretch Their Edge as they gently descend to Fragrance Lake on a ridge route, greeting old trees and forest dwellers along the way. We'll meet the lake with joy and connection through Peaceful Place, wading, and games until we descend to Chuckanut Drive. 

Drop-off: Upper Fragrance Lake trailhead on Chuckanut Mountain is 2.8 miles up Cleator Road. Drive south on Chuckanut Drive approximately four miles from Fairhaven to Hiline Road (road just before the Chuckanut Firehall). Turn left onto Hiline Road and go uphill. Cross the Interurban Trail and continue straight as Hiline Road becomes Cleator Road. Drive up this rough road two miles (all-wheel drive or higher clearance vehicles recommended), around curves and up and up, until you see mentors waiting and waving on the right side of the road at the unmarked upper Fragrance Lake trailhead. Carpooling strongly suggested in an all-wheel drive vehicle. Please allow approximately 30 minutes from Fairhaven, 40 minutes from downtown. It takes 15 minutes from Chuckanut Drive to the trailhead dropoff.

Pick-up: Fragrance Lake parking pullout on Chuckanut Drive, six miles from Fairhaven, on the left across the street from the Larrabee State Park entrance. Map. Parking is very limited in this pullout. Carpooling encouraged (if there is no space at pullout, you may drive into the park and park near the entrance, walking back up to pick up your daughter).  

Note: Discover Pass is needed to park for any length of time in Larrabee State Park. 

THURSDAY: Campout at Larrabee State Park, 12:00PM-Friday 2:00PM (overnight) 

On this day, we’ll meet at Washington’s first state park for our overnight. Girls will get some time to catch up on rest in the morning, then we’ll meet to set up our camp, play nature games, and explore the seashore. Girls are always “in charge” on summer campouts, leading tent set-up, cooking, cleaning, and fire-building. We’ll welcome the dark with a night exploration before bedtime. Girls should arrive well-fed, and have lunch & water bottle in their daypack.

Drop-off:  Enter Larrabee State Park main entrance, across from the Fragrance Lake trailhead. Drive past the ranger booth to the stop sign. Turn left and you'll see us at 12:00PM.

FRIDAY: Larrabee State Park, until 2:00PM

After breakfast, we’ll employ the motto "Everyone Helps" as we collaborate in packing up camp. Then we'll head out for one more Peaceful Place and have a last closing circle to end our week of bonding through shared adventure before taking our tired selves home!

Pick-up:  Main day use area above main lawn and stage at 2:00PM.

Please Note:

• We aim to  arrive  on  time  to  pickup,  but  unforeseen  events  can  cause  us  to  be  5‐10  minutes overtime. Please let us know at drop off if you have a time sensitive need at day's end, and we'll try extra hard to be on time or a bit early. 

• You may wish to bring a large garbage bag/towel(s)/extra change of clothes to pick up, as your daughter might be quite dirty some days!

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