Nature Outings Schedule


Nature Outings Schedule


Seasonal outings as announced.

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Spring 2019

Beaver Prowl

Saturday, May 25 - 7:30-9:30PM

Location revealed upon registration.

What makes beavers so special? Lots! Join us for a fun, interactive exploration of a local beaver habitat.  We'll learn about their amazing adaptations, ecological contributions, engineering skills, and why they're so busy. If we're lucky (and really, really quiet) we'll catch a view of these busy rodents of unusual size on their evening expedition. Bring your binoculars for silent spying on the beavers as they swim to and fro in their search for breakfast by moonlight.

Summer 2019

Low Tide Exploration & Beach Clean-Up

Friday, July 5 - 12:30-2:30PM

Marine Park - Directions

Outing info to come…

Fall 2019

Fungus Among Us - Mushroom Mayhem

Sunday, October 27 - 10:00-12:00PM

Location TBA

The Pacific Northwest is known for hosting a diverse bounty of incredible fungi. This class touches on the basics and offers some hands-on practice on how to identify the common fungus among us. Join our friends from the Northwest Mushroomers Association, Pam Borso and Dr. Fred Rhoades, for a morning of forest exploration and mushroom identification.

This outing is best for adults and children ages 4 and up. Wear your rain gear and bring a snack and a handled basket for collecting the fungus you find. Mystery yard mushrooms are welcome to attend and be identified.

Winter 2020

Solstice Beach Party (Tent.)

Location TBA

The winter solstice is a turning point in the wheel of the year. It's the longest night of the year, which means the days get longer from here on out. Yay to more sunshine ahead!

This year, the winter solstice lines up with a full moon for a nice low tide. Bundle up, pull on those wellies, grab your headlamp, and hit the beach with Casey and Holly for some late night beach exploring. Thanks to the Marine Life Center and the Port of Bellingham for making this beach party possible. 

Suggested Donation

Adults (18+): $12

Children (ages 4-17): $8

Children 3 and under free. (Babies worn in carriers welcome).

Cash, check or donate here.

Reserve your spot today! Group size is limited.

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