Fledgling Camp - Grades 1-3


Fledgling Camp - Grades 1-3


Session 1: June 21-23* (sold out)     Session 2 (sold out): July 24-26     Session 3: July 31-August 2 (sold out)     Session 4: August 14-16

Note: Sessions 2 & 3 are for grades 1-2 only. Sessions 1 & 4 are open to grades 1-3.

Standby list available for full sessions.

*Wednesday start, but follows the same daily schedule as Mon-Wed camps.     

Awaken your sense of wonder and curiosity with our Fledgling Camp, an introductory week of exploring, serving, connecting, and learning what Wild Whatcom is all about. We'll experience the changing tides and mucky mud of Bellingham Bay, discover bustling life among logs, lily pads, and lichen in our fertile forests and neighborhood wetlands, and explore the shimmering waters of lakeside trails.


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MONDAY: Hoag's Pond, 10:00-4:00PM

On our first day together, we'll explore a hidden wetland tucked away in this south Bellingham neighborhood. Hoag's Pond is home to heron and cattail, frogs and pond lilies, deer and ducks of all kinds. We'll travel in the Wild Whatcom way, seeing all we can with our owl eyes and listening with our deer ears as we sense the stillness and activity of this place, sitting beside and exploring all around the pond. Wild Whatcom mottos will weave through our explorations, as we learn to "Be Prepared", why "Safety is First", how to "Collaborate and Compromise" and "LIBK (Let It Be Known)". We'll end the day with many new friends, human and non-human!

Drop-off and pick-up: 24th Street entrance of the Hundred Acre Wood. From I-5, take the Fairhaven Parkway exit. Go left on 24th Street (Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital on right). Follow this road for the equivalent of two to three blocks until you come to Willis Street (long uphill driveway on left, trailhead on right). Mentors will be waiting and waving!

TUESDAY: Bakerview Beach, 10:00-4:00PM

We’ll celebrate our free spirits as we walk far out to the edge of the Salish Sea, skip through shallow warm pools, and explore the giant driftwood logs. Those who really like to get dirty can enjoy a Wild Whatcom annual tradition: mud-gushing in the Nooksack River delta’s HQM (High Quality Mud), following the Wild Whatcom motto "Get Dirty"! Mud-gushing is optional – there will be plenty of other exploring to do for those girls who prefer to stay clean, following our motto "Challenge By Choice". We'll connect to sand, water, mud, logs and sky at this beach delta, where the Nooksack river ends its journey and meets the sea.

Drop-off and Pick-up: 1403 Olympic Way at the Campbell's, a long-time Wild Whatcom family. Drive west on Eldridge Avenue to Marine Drive approximately 4.5 miles from downtown to Bancroft Road. Turn left. After 0.1 mile, go right at Olympic Way. The Campbell's are in the third house on the left. Thanks for carpooling and making a quick drop off to limit our impact on the Campbell's generosity.

Schedule Change: WEDNESDAY

We have switched the drop-off and pick-up locations for this Wednesday's Lake Padden Traverse to allow more time for swimming at the end of the day. All other details remain the same for this day, but the drop-off and pick-up locations are now opposite, as reflected below. 

WEDNESDAY: Padden Gorge Trail 10:00-4:00PM

Treks and traverses are common in our summer adventures, beginning in one spot and ending in another. This is true adventure, and it grows as the girls do, from one mile traverses to sixty mile treks. On this day we'll meet parents at the Padden Gorge Trailhead and explore our way down the Padden Gorge Trail to Lake Padden. Along the way we'll remember our motto "It's The Journey, Not the Destination" as we take our time to play with water, rock, plants, old growth trees, and the games we create. We'll also recall the journey salmon once made up this stream and brainstorm on what it would take to help them return. We'll have a special last closing circle to end our week of shared adventure before taking our tired selves home!

Drop-off: Padden Gorge trailhead. Please drive to the end of 36th Street, noting a trailhead at the end of the road. Map.

Pick-up: Lake Padden Park, Wilkin Street entrance (east of 40th Street). Enter and take an immediate right into the horse trailer parking lot. Map

Please Note:

* Carpooling strongly encouraged! Carpooling has so many benefits: it gives parents a break from driving, allows the girls to spend more time together, and most of all, helps us Walk Our Talk around reducing carbon emissions.

• We aim to arrive on time to pickup, but unforeseen events can cause us to be 5-10 minutes overtime. Please let us know at drop off if you have a time sensitive need at day's end, and we'll try extra hard to be on time or a bit early.

• You may wish to bring a large garbage bag/towel(s) and/or an extra change of clothes to pick up, as your daughter might be quite dirty some days!

* Session 4 follows above schedule but on Wednesday-Friday vs Monday-Wednesday

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