Intro to Glacier Travel - Grades 7-12


Intro to Glacier Travel - Grades 7-12


Saturday, August 4 - Sunday, August 5, 2018 (CANCELLED)

Join us in a special partnership between Wild Whatcom and Baker Mountain Guides. On this unique trip, Baker Mountain Guides and Wild Whatcom will collaborate to create an experience for youth that combines technical glacier travel skills with Wild Whatcom core values, such as fostering naturalist and leadership skills and promoting connection to place, self, and community.

Youth will traverse across the stunning Ptarmigan Ridge to Heliotrope Ridge and learn new snow and glacier skills under the expert guidance and instruction of Mt. Baker Guides. A true wilderness exploration, the journey will provide a rare opportunity to get up close to the majesty of Komo Kulshan (Mt. Baker) and experience the exhilaration of mountain travel. 

This trip is two full days with an overnight. The total hike is 13 miles long, beginning at Ptarmigan Ridge and ending at Heliotrope Ridge. Additional info and pictures are here.

Intermediate+ Level. Total trip miles: 13 miles with full packs. No previous glacier travel experience needed. 1+ years backpacking experience preferred.


Limited financial assistance available. All glacier travel equipment provided.



2018 Itinerary

Saturday, August 4 - Sunday, August 5, 2018


Meet at Backcountry Essentials in downtown Bellingham at 7:00AM. Directions. Baker Mountain Guides’ instructors will conduct a meet and greet and brief the group on the course curriculum and itinerary. The instructors will facilitate a gear check and cover topics such as gear selection and care, and efficient packing. The group will caravan to Artist Point, and approach Mount Baker via Ptarmigan Ridge. Camp 1 will be at the base of the portals. The day will conclude with instruction in cramponing, ice axe arrest, and rope travel.


Day two provides an opportunity for students to use their new skills to traverse glaciated terrain. Concepts of glaciology will be introduced. Hazard recognition and mitigation will be core themes. We’ll pack up camp in the morning and students will lead moderate terrain across the Rainbow and Mazama Glaciers to Wolverine Pass on the north side of Mount Baker. After a quick lunch, Instructors will lead the group across the Roosevelt and Coleman Glaciers to Heliotrope Ridge. We’ll descend the Hogsback and continue to the Heliotrope Ridge trailhead.

Pick-up: TBA

Learning Outcomes: The Intro to Glacier Travel course is designed to prepare students to be safe and efficient participants in a guided adventure. Course objectives include basic movement skills, rope travel, and mountain craft. The Intro to Glacier Travel course will include pedagogic elements of formal instruction, instructor demonstrations, and student practicum.