Tides & Trails Camp - Grades 7-8


Tides & Trails Camp - Grades 7-8


Session: June 26-30

Note: this camp includes a Thursday overnight.

With a combination of mountain trails, coast shorelines, and lakeside lazing, the Tides and Trails Camp is appropriate for adolescent girls seeking a rewarding week of edge-stretching exploration. We'll weave together team-building challenges, steep mountain ascents, magnificent views, island exploration from bike to beach, and more! We’ll learn to connect, collaborate, compromise, and challenge ourselves as we navigate our way along shorelines, among forests, and around lakes, with remarkable discoveries along the way. 


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MONDAY: Challenge course day, 10:00-4:30PM

We'll meet beside the shores of Lake Whatcom to learn lessons about connection and collaboration with one another, and about personal challenge. We'll be guided on Western Washington University's (WWU) challenge course for a full four hours, working with course mentors to gel as a group. Afterwards, we'll take a dip in the lake and share stories about who we are and what we hope to gain from our shared week.

Drop-off and pick-up: Lakewood is located approximately seven miles from downtown at 2410 Lake Whatcom Boulevard. Follow Lake Whatcom Boulevard toward Sudden Valley until you see Lakewood on the left. Mentors will be waiting and waving in the parking area when you drive in. Map.

TUESDAY: Blanchard Mountain trek, 9:00-5:00PM (note the longer time frame)

This day will take us just south of Bellingham to Blanchard Mountain for a trek up to Lizard and Lily lakes. We’ll use our "deer ears" and "owl eyes" to make discoveries along the trail, taking time to explore, play games, and identify flora and fauna around us. We’ll stop for stunning views at the North Butte Lookout before continuing on to the lakes. Sun or shine, we’ll put to practice some of our favorite mottos, such as, “It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination”, “Collaborate and Compromise”, and “Be Prepared”.

Drop-off and pick-up: Cascade Montessori Middle School, 2710 MacKenzie Ave, Bellingham. Map.

WEDNESDAY: Lummi Island cycling, 9:00-4:30PM

We'll meet at the Lummi Island ferry terminal with our bicycles and prepare to ferry across the Salish Sea to Lummi Island. After a collaborative decision about which route to take, we'll set off to explore the island by bike. Though it's about the journey, not the destination, we'll end up at a beautiful historic property on the edge of the sea called Loganita, owned by Wild Whatcom supporters Julie Trimmingham and Steve McMinn. We'll explore widely on this beautiful seaside spot, then head back in time to catch the 4:20PM ferry.

Drop-off and pick-up: Lummi Island ferry terminal. Please plan to get to ferry on time. Carpooling suggested! Directions.

THURSDAY: Climbing Mt. Erie and Deception Pass campout, 10:00AM-Friday 3:00PM (overnight)

On this day we’ll head south to Mt. Erie to harness up, rope in, and get on some rock! Mt. Erie stands nearly 1300 feet above the Salish Sea and offers magnificent views of the San Juan Islands to the west. We’ll have time to explore this beautiful area on foot and on rope as we climb, all the while revisiting earlier lessons of collaboration and personal challenge from our challenge course day. We will discuss key elements of rock climbing safety and communication, practice knots and belaying, and put into practice our “Challenge by Choice” and “Stretch your Edge” mottos when we take our knowledge and skills to the climbing wall!

Drop-off: Cascade Montessori Middle School, 2710 MacKenzie Ave, Bellingham. Map.

FRIDAY: Deception Pass State Park overnight, until 3:00PM

After a fun and edge-stretching day of climbing at Mt. Erie on Thursday, we’ll head to Deception Pass for a campout beside the sea. Campouts lend themselves well to Leave No Trace (TM) lessons and group collaboration, so we’ll practice “Walking our Talk” as we set up camp, taking charge of cooking, tent set-up, cleaning, and fire-building. We will wake up Friday morning with potentially sore arms but smiles on our faces nonetheless for our final day together. We’ll take time to reflect on the week we’ve just spent together and share new connections and achievements we’ve made both individually and as a group. Finally, after some time for exploration and games, we’ll head home to Bellingham with stunning views along the way!

Pick-up: Cascade Montessori Middle School, 2710 MacKenzie Ave, Bellingham. Map.

Please Note:

• We aim to arrive on time to pickup, but unforeseen events can cause us to be 5‐10 minutes overtime. Please let us know at drop off if you have a time sensitive need at day's end, and we'll try extra hard to be on time or a bit early.

• The packing list for the backpack portion of the week can be found on the website. You may amend your gear as needed (eg. quantity of socks) as this list is for a 3-day trip. But basically the same items needed!

Be Prepared Checklist