Whatcom Wonders Camp - Grades 4-5


Whatcom Wonders Camp - Grades 4-5


Session: July 17-21

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Note: this camp has a Thursday overnight.

From north to south, east to west, Whatcom County is brimming with wonders: majestic mountains, raging rivers, serene lakes, beautiful beaches, inspiring islands, and so much more. In Whatcom Wonders Camp, we will use the compass as our guide, heading north to a sea-surrounded spit near the border, west to Lummi Island, south to the Chuckanuts, and finally, east towards Whatcom's volcano, Komo Kulshan, to camp beside the Nooksack River at Douglas Fir campground. 


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MONDAY: North to Semiahmoo Spit, 10:00-4:30PM

We’ll be right at the northwest edge of Whatcom County and the United States as we explore this spit that has seen human habitation and exploration for thousands of years. This spit divides ocean currents of the Straits of Georgia and the calm waters of Drayton Harbor where many fish, birds, and mammals meet. We’ll discover who has called Semiahmoo home past and present and take in spectacular views of Whatcom’s wonders in the east: the snow-capped North Cascades.

Drop-off and pick-up: Cascade Montessori Middle School, 2710 MacKenzie Ave, Bellingham. Map.

TUESDAY: South to Rock Trail and Lost Lake, 10:00-4:30PM

Southern Whatcom County is studded with lakes and mountains. We’ll explore both on this day. We’ll set off to explore one of Whatcom County's newest trail, Rock Trail, lined with huge sandstone boulders, mossy trees, and a park-like forest. We’ll descend to join with the Lost Lake trail and aim to make it to the outlet stream with its beautiful waterfall descending east to Lake Samish, before heading back up to our starting point.

Drop-off and pick-up: Cyrus Gates Overlook at the top of Cleator/Hiline Road. Drive south on Chuckanut Drive approximately four miles from Fairhaven to Hiline Road (road just before the Chuckanut Firehall). Turn left onto Hiline Road and go uphill. Cross the Interurban Trail and continue straight as Hiline Road becomes Cleator Road. Drive up this rough road (all-wheel drive or higher clearance vehicles recommended) around curves and up and up, until you see mentors waiting and waving at the parking area at the top of the road. Carpooling strongly suggested in an all-wheel drive vehicle. Please allow approximately 30 minutes from Fairhaven, 40 minutes from downtown. It takes 15 minutes from Chuckanut Drive to the trailhead dropoff.

Note: you do need a Discover Pass to park for any length of time in Larrabee State Park.

WEDNESDAY: West to Lummi Island, 9:30-4:30PM

We are so fortunate to live in a place bordered by islands! On this day, we'll gather at the Lummi Island ferry terminal and prepare to ferry across the Salish Sea to this gem of an Island. After a collaborative decision about which route to take, we'll set off to explore the hidden beaches of this island by foot. It's about the journey, not the destination, but we’ll have plenty of time to navigate our way to one or more hidden beaches, possibly stumble across a meditative labyrinth, and discover the wonders of this island and the history of its people throughout our journey. We’ll explore widely on this beautiful seaside spot, then head back in time to catch the 4:20PM ferry.

Drop-off and pick-up: Lummi Island ferry terminal. Please plan to get to ferry on time. Carpooling is suggested! Directions.

THURSDAY: East to Nooksack River campout, 12:00-Friday 3:00PM (overnight)

If we went all the way into eastern Whatcom County, we would have a long drive, since our rectangular county goes almost into eastern Washington! We will go taste some of what borders our region in the east: foothills and mountains, rivers and ancient forests. Our campout will be alongside the Nooksack River at the Douglas Fir campground, nestled on the flanks of the North Cascades. We’ll set up camp and explore and learn about the area before the river sings us to sleep.

Drop-off: Cascade Montessori Middle School, 2710 MacKenzie Ave, Bellingham. Map.

FRIDAY: Nooksack River campout, until 3:00PM

We'll rise with birdsong and greet the day! After breakfast and camp chores, we'll pack up and set out along the Horseshoe Bend trail, right next to the Nooksack River, the lifeblood of our region. Along the way we'll stop to consider the week we've shared and honor each participant's contributions to its success before heading back west to rest after a full week!  

Pick-up: Cascade Montessori Middle School, 2710 MacKenzie Ave, Bellingham. Map.

Please Note:

• We aim to arrive on time to pickup, but unforeseen events can cause us to be 5‐10 minutes overtime. Please let us know at drop off if you have a time sensitive need at day's end, and we'll try extra hard to be on time or a bit early.

• You may wish to bring a large garbage bag/towel(s)/an extra change of clothes to pick up, as your daughter might be quite dirty some days!

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