Summer Camp Pack list

Wild Whatcom summer camps take place outdoors in every kind of weather. Being prepared is one of the many life skills we teach. In the outdoors,

Being Prepared = Being Safe

Our view is that there is no “bad” weather. If we make good clothing choices, we’ll be warm, dry, and comfortable in all conditions. We don't spend much time indoors at camp – our clothing is our shelter!

Please use the following list as a guide. The choices you make to be prepared will change depending on the weather, but keep in mind that Northwest weather can shift to cool, wet, and cloudy at any time of year. Check the forecast for the day and be prepared for the weather to change at any time during an outing. It's a good idea to pack your gear the night before camp. For camps with an overnight, note we only spend sleeping time in tents. 

Families! Please read over this list and try to have your child pack everything themselves. Learning how to pack one's own pack is an important skill. Every outing tests preparedness, but occasionally nature gives us a day where we're outside in wet and cold conditions for hours at a time - even in summer!

Summer Camp - Daily Pack list

  • Comfortable backpack (with waist belt)

Carrying enough items to be prepared can mean a full pack. A waist belt helps carry the load and is better for your posture and overall strength. A large, plastic garbage sack can be used as an emergency pack cover, raincoat, or sit-upon. 

  • Lunch and snacks

Campers should be well fed before an outing. It can be up to 2 hours before we take a break. Please also bring enough food for the outing duration. On cold days, consider packing warm soup/drink.

  • Full water bottle or Thermos (24 oz recommended)
  • Sunscreen (Camp staff will have sunscreen available as well)
  • Sunglasses
  • Bandana and/or Buff
  • Hat (with a brim)
  • Gloves or Mittens – warm and waterproof

Weight depending on weather forecast. Overnight camp? Bring warm gloves or mittens.

  • Walking shoes or hiking Boots – Sturdy, warm, and waterproof

Tennis shoes aren't warm or waterproof! Non-insulated rain boots are waterproof, but not warm. Hiking boots or shoes keep feet dry and warm. 

  • Journal and pen/pencil/markers


You can take layers off, but you can't put on what you don't have! Cotton is rotten (for the outdoors)! Wool/wool blend, poly or athletic/technical fabrics are great choices. See our Essentials of Layering.  

  • Socks (Non-cotton) and Underwear

Wool/wool blend is best. Even on warm days a thin pair is a great option. Overnight camp? Bring an extra pair of socks and undergarments. 

  • Shirt - Short or long-sleeved

Choose a wool/wool-blend, athletic/poly/technical fabric, etc.

  • Zip-off Pant or Shorts and Lightweight Pant
  • Fleece Pants or Long Pants

Thickness needed depends on temperature. Long pants are essential when exploring brambles, buggy, or rocky places. Overnight camp? Bring a warm pair of long pants please. 

  • Lightweight or Fleece Jacket

Thickness needed depends on temperature. Long sleeves are essential when exploring brambles, buggy, or rocky places. No cotton hoodies!  Overnight camp? Bring a warm jacket.

  • Rain Jacket and Rain Pants

Thin rain jackets can get soaked fast in a downpour, so be sure yours can handle hours of rainfall. If it's really pouring wear or bring two! Rain pants are useful even when it's not raining. We sit on the ground a lot + walk through wet plants!


  • Water Shoes (Close-toed)

Check your daily camp itinerary for any days at the beach/lake/creek, etc.

  • Swimsuit and Small Towel

Check your daily camp itinerary for outings that may offer option to swim/wade. Consider packing a plastic bag for wet items.

Note: All items can be found at local thrift stores. For loaner gear or questions, please contact us.

Overnight Camp Pack List

In addition to the daily pack list above, please pack these items on the day of your camp overnight:

  • Sleeping Bag - rated 35 degrees or warmer

If possible, please compress bag as much as possible and store in a stuff sack.

  • Sleeping Pad

Roll tightly and/or store in a stuff sack.

  • Pillow (Optional)

A camp-size inflatable pillow or just your extra clothing work well. 

  • Set of base layer clothes for Friday
  • Warm Hat
  • Headlamp
  • Bowl, Mug, and Spoon and/or Spork
  • PJ's
  • Toiletries
    • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
    • Medications (if any). Please complete a Medications form and bring to camp.
  • Small comfort stuffed animal (just one please!)

Anything else your common sense tells you is needed to be prepared for camp or an overnight!

Summer Camp Pack List - Print