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Learning and exploring outside is a powerful complement to indoor classroom time. We are proud to be partnering with our local schools, making a difference in children's lives and our communities.

Neighborhood Nature

Neighborhood Nature is an after-school program that encourages kids to connect with their surrounding ecosystem through exploration, play, art, and nature activities. Offered one day a week at a variety of schools, our sessions run three times per year, fall, winter, and spring. We meet after school rain or shine!

Neighborhood Nature kids:

  • Learn to love the natural world right around them. Each week we focus on what makes our neighborhoods wild. We teach how to interact with our environment so that we can enjoy the natural world without making a significant impact on it.

  • Develop naturalist knowledge. Students use all their senses to connect with the unique trees, plants, bugs, and birds around their school. They learn how to identify common local species and discover connections in the ecosystem. They also learn preparedness and are often surprised by how wild it can be around their own school!

  • Build community. Every week, we focus on collaborating, handling conflict, and making decisions as a group. We'll use a number of Wild Whatcom mottos to help teach these skills.

  • Enjoy free play and exploration. The natural world is always teaching us things, and we want to be open to these teachings. We encourage the freedom that kids crave and need, and strive to facilitate as safe and meaningful an experience as possible, while balancing both teaching and free play.

Maximum group size: 12 students


Please see pricing, scholarship information, and registration details via your school's enrichment program or at


We want any child to be able to participate, regardless of financial circumstances. If financial assistance is necessary for participation and not available via your school’s enrichment program, please contact us. If your child qualifies for the Free and Reduced Price Meals Program, a discount code can be provided when registering in 6crickets. We also encourage families to check out the enrichment scholarships available through Blue Skies for Children's Little Wishes program for kids ages 6-18.

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We brave the elements in Neighborhood Nature throughout the school year. Except in particularly inclement weather (most often dictated by high winds), we explore outside. We will trek to a nearby natural space, typically within a half-mile of school to play games and let kids explore nature alongside their peers! We will often return to school wet, tired, and dirty - but with huge smiles! We have lots of gear to loan so please don't hesitate to borrow rain shells, layers, gloves, etc. And please ensure your child comes to school prepared for any weather. Living in the the Pacific Northwest means that a sunny morning can still mean a wet and soggy afternoon! 

  • Appropriate clothes (i.e., rain boots, rain jacket/pants, hat/gloves, and warm layers).
    Contact us for gear loaner options.

  • After-school snack

  • Water bottle


Contact Program Coordinator, Hannah Newell:


Take the classroom outside!

Wild Whatcom works with schools to create inspiring, hands-on learning experiences in nature. Collaborating with teachers, we create field outings that provide opportunities for classroom learning to come to life in the outdoors! Our approach includes scientific content such as observation, habitats, and stewardship experienced in the Wild Whatcom way: through hands-on activities, getting your hands dirty, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity, mindfulness, and reflection.

EdVentures outings align with the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core Standards that students are learning and experiencing in their classrooms. We typically offer a series of 3-4 EdVentures outings within classrooms over the course of a school year, scaffolding learning with activities that build on each other.

Current EdVenture partners include Alderwood, Birchwood, Carl Cozier, Cordata, and Sunnyland elementary schools in the Bellingham school district. The EdVentures outdoor-learning program is supported by the vision and generosity of the Whatcom Community Foundation and Washington State No Child Left Inside initiative.

Teachers! Learn more about program learning goals and logistics.

Scheduling / Questions

Interested in EdVentures at your school? Contact:

SEED (Student Environmental Education & Discovery)

SEED (Student Environmental Education & Discovery) is a collaborative project with Wild Whatcom, Bellingham Schools Life Skills Program, and the EBD (Emotionally/Behaviorally Disabled) “BRIDGES” program, funded through the generosity and vision of the Chuckanut Health Foundation.

With weekly outings, SEED provides meaningful outdoor experiences to students with disabilities who otherwise rarely have opportunities to use nature-based experiences as a tool for growth and development. Students explore nature and learn to feel comfortable in new environments, while strengthening capacities in a variety of areas such as:

  • Safety and comfort exploring outdoors

  • Physical endurance

  • Sensory-motor integration

  • Individual and group socio-emotional growth

In SEED, Wild Whatcom mentors use child-led discovery, experiential education, natural history knowledge as tools to empower students to explore outdoors and connect to nature. Together, students and adults develop a sense of connection to nearby landscapes, learn key science concepts, and practice skills such as problem-solving and risk management (Stop, Think, Observe, Plan) that are applicable in all areas of their lives. For many, spending time exploring the wonders of nature is a new experience, filled with intriguing discoveries and challenges. The collaborative partnership with Life Skills and “BRIDGES” teachers is key to co-creating experiences in response to the variety of strengths and needs of each student. Kids develop a desire to be outside and start to see how they are connected to the outdoors and the larger community and world.



Forest Friends

Wild Whatcom is privileged to partner with Lowell Elementary and Bellingham Parks Department to nurture a school culture of environmental education and stewardship through Forest Friends!

This innovative program is proving to be an effective model of partnership that we are hoping will spread like wildfire! Throughout the year, each and every classroom at Lowell Elementary participates in two outings led by skilled Wild Whatcom staff and two service outings led by Bellingham Parks Department. These four walking field trips to the "outdoor" classroom are developing a sense of ownership and responsibility to these nearby natural spaces; integrating hands-on learning and mindfulness into classroom curriculum and providing opportunities for kids to learn in a physical way. Much gratitude to the Lowell PTA, Lowell Elementary School and the Whatcom Community Foundation's Youth Philanthropy Fund for supporting this work.




Take the classroom outside! Wild Whatcom will work with you to create inspiring, hands-on learning experiences for public, private, and home-schooled students. More info here.