Field Trips

Take the classroom outside! Wild Whatcom will work with you to create inspiring, hands-on learning experiences for public, private, and home-schooled students. 

Collaborating with teachers, we create field outings to supplement what is taking place in the classroom. Our innovative curriculum aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core Standards, with learning enhanced by classroom visits.


  • Plants

  • Insects/Spiders

  • Adaption

  • Climate Change

  • Life Cycle

  • Seeds

  • Data Collection

  • Earth Systems

  • Ecosystems


  • Forest

  • Intertidal/Beach

  • Stream/River

  • Wetland

  • Field/Meadow (usually right outside schools!)

Options and Pricing


For a standard field trip, the school chooses the topic and/or location. Wild Whatcom creates a pre-trip lesson and an outing plan that is linked to the Common Core Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. A Wild Whatcom staff will come to the school to pre-teach some critical information for approximately 45 minutes. The pre-trip meeting is designed to prepare students for their field trip, establish learning outcomes, and pre-teach major concepts. Wild Whatcom also creates lessons and activities to meet established learning objectives and leads the field trip. The field trip is led by at least two Wild Whatcom staff. 


A custom field trip is completely created for the school or class. This style of field trip is best if teachers want certain standards addressed or have specific outcomes in mind, but are not sure how to meet those goals. This also works well if the school/class wants to go on a number of outings throughout the year. A Wild Whatcom staff member will meet with teachers and collaborate on the plan for the day and the desired outcomes. Customized field trips include an hour-long pre-trip lesson. The field trip is led by at least two Wild Whatcom staff.


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Wild Whatcom does not provide transportation. We do encourage schools to take advantage of the nature right in their backyards and will visit your school to determine what types of field trips we can do within walking distance of your building.

Scheduling / Questions

If you're interested in a Field Trip at your school, contact: