Summer ADventures Wilderness Explorations

Pre-Trip Questionnaire

Exploring the backcountry takes a willingness to stretch our edges. The backcountry is our strong and wild earth. It is our home. One of the goals of our backpacking trips is to take the time and effort necessary to understand how to live comfortably and skillfully in this wild home.

Important! All Wilderness Exploration backpack trip participants must complete this questionnaire before registration is complete.

Note: your spot will be held, but registration is not confirmed until we receive this completed questionnaire.

Participant Name *
Participant Name
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Date of Birth
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Packing your backpack *
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Staying warm and dry *
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Managing biological needs (i.e. using primitive toilet or catholes, hydration, sleep, etc.) *
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Participants should expect to carry 20-30% of their body weight during this trip, including personal and group gear. Please see our trip packing list for suggestions of appropriate packs and pack size. *
Participant Commitment: I understand the importance of pre-trip training. I commit to preparing my body and mind for this trip by reviewing the Trip Training Tips and regularly hiking with a full pack, in shoes I plan to backpack in, prior to departure day. I understand that by registering for this trip, I commit to train for it. *
Will you be bringing any medications on this trip? If yes, please complete a Medications Form for EACH medication. *
See link to Medications Form in your registration account or under Policies on our website.

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. We will be in touch with more trip information closer to our departure date.