Ladies Night Out Schedule


Ladies Night Out Schedule


Photo Credit: Audra Mercille

Outings on the full moon February-November.

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Fall 2019

September: Moon of the Harvest

Friday, September 13, 6:30-8:30PM

These programs are co-created by the women who attend, and every moon has a distinctive flavor and an intention that reveals itself. September's Moon of the Harvest is about fruition, abundance and generosity. Slowing down when life seems over-full to savor the bounty of life's creations. 

October: Moon of the Falling Leaves

Saturday, October 12, 5:30-7:30PM

This month of transition to the dark time of year finds us acknowledging the importance of the ancestors who came before us, and the stories they leave behind. For inspiration, we'll reflect upon nature's nutrient cycle of nourishing, replenishing and composting in a place given to contemplation, rest and memories.  

November: Moon of Frost’s Return

Sunday, November 10, 3:30-5:30PM

Join a pack of wild ladies for the last Ladies Night Out this season! Migration and hibernation are our themes this month as we watch squirrels scurry, geese fly by, and salmon swim upstream. Do you wander in search of meaningful moments or prepare to hunker down at this time of year? We'll ponder how these natural cycles emerge in our own lives and keep an eye out for Kokanee salmon returning home on our walk along the lake shore.

Winter 2020

We're hibernating. No outings in December-January

February: Moon of Deep Snow


To honor new beginnings and the light needed to sustain us, we are headed to a place of deep reflection and birth. Signs of new life are all around us this month, but may be hidden and under cover. We just have to pause and look, and maybe shed some light on our subject. Which is harder for you; pausing, contemplating, or bringing your light?

Spring 2020

March: Moon of the Chinook Wind


Trees budding, birdsong swelling, sap rising and energy swirling -spring is in the air! Let's explore what spring means to you, discover what's so magical and irritating about pollen and enjoy a reflective moment in the moonlight, surrounded by a pack of wild ladies! Come bask in a moonbeam with us.

April: Moon of the Budding Trees


Welcome spring! Wee buds all curled up under protective wraps are just bursting, flowers are pollinating, insects are abuzz and mating is happening all over the place. Buds are the future of every plant. And they've been resting patiently for months, storing up energy and slowly gathering what they need for just the right moment to explode!  We'll discover the importance of recognizing the potential lying in wait, in nature and ourselves. Explore the wildness, potency and abundance of spring.

May: Moon of the Flowers


"The Earth laughs in flowers..." says Ralph Waldo Emerson. Though only a partial quote from a poem, these words still strike an emotional chord. Flowers are wrought with meaning and symbolism throughout history, and are mysteriously (?) matched to their pollinators in an ancient dance of reciprocity. We're headed to a wonderful garden known for it's flower display and views of the moon. 

Summer 2019

June: Moon of the Salmon's Return

Sunday, June 16 - 8:00-10:00PM

As the daylight hours reach their fullness on the Summer Solstice, we'll explore the salmon's life lesson of rejuvenation, renewal, and enjoy a moment of peace and reflection as we watch the day turn to night. What's more fun than an evening of exploration, remembrance, and a taste of summer with a bunch of wild ladies?             

July: Moon of Ripe Berries

Monday, July 15 - 7:30-9:30PM

Whether cultivated or wild, berries are a true messenger of hope and life. Berries are a vehicle for the potential they carry, seeds. And berries must be eaten to be enjoyed, and for new life to grow. What do they say to you? Explore the ripeness of summer and the full moon during this evening walk along the shore, tasting several of our native berries along the way.

August: Moon of Dry Grass / Cougar

Tuesday, August 13 - 7:30-9:30PM

There are many names for the largest cat in North America, including catamount, cougar, puma, panther and mountain lion. A solitary, silent and wary creature of the night, there is much we can learn from the patience and instinctive wily ways of this powerful animal. Discover what it means to be a cougar during this exploration of your night senses. Bring your sense of adventure, ladies!

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