At Wild Whatcom, we take great pride in the quality and training of our mentors. We believe it to be one of the things that sets our organization apart. In addition to mentors coming to Wild Whatcom with a wealth of varied experience—such as multiple years in other outdoor programs, counseling, social work, and teaching in public schools, to name a few—mentors are also provided continuous opportunities for training and expanding their skill sets as environmental educators, mentors, and program managers. 

All of our field staff holds either a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification. Financial support is also provided for each staff member to either receive and/or keep their certification up-to-date. In addition to environmental education and youth development training, we provide annual behavior management and mandated reporter trainings with outside experts in their fields.

In addition to staff training, Wild Whatcom has an extensive Risk Management Plan containing the guidelines and policies upon which staff rely to facilitate safe outdoor experiences. Wild Whatcom’s Risk Management Team meets twice monthly to discuss any recent risk-related scenarios (physical, behavioral, socio-emotional, environmental, etc.) to discuss what policies are in place to mitigate risk, as well as how we can continue to improve our risk management through policy creation, research, preparedness, and mentor training. We continue to invest in our staff and risk management to avoid and/or mitigate risk in scenarios in the field.


Board of Directors

  • Meredith Hayes, Board Chair

  • Adrian Shulock, Vice Chair

  • Allison Roberts

  • Bob Mitchell

  • Connor Hegarty

  • Daniella Vingelen

  • Laurel Peak

  • Meg Metzger

  • Rachel Budelsky

Advisory Council