EdVentures Learning Goals and Logistics

Outing Learning Goals

EdVentures outings are focused on a process of inquiry. The six (6) lesson arc includes three (3) lessons in 2nd grade and three (3) lessons in 3rd grade) with activities related to:

  • Making observations with all of our senses
  • Investigating answers to questions we may have about our natural world
  • Making conclusions
  • Taking action based on our conclusions


  • Two to three mentors are assigned to your school and will work with all participating classes.
  • EdVentures outings are three (3) hours in length. Each class will participate in three (3) outings throughout the school year (fall, early spring, and late spring).
  • Outings are primarily walking field trips to natural areas near school grounds. Note: students will need to fill out a Wild Whatcom participation release as well as any paperwork deemed necessary by your school.
  • In the week prior to each lesson, mentors will conduct an in-classroom visit to prepare students for what they can expect, what clothing they need to wear, etc. (post-outing reflection activities will be integrated into the outing so there will not be post-outing classroom sessions).
  • With exceptions given for unsafe weather, outings will take place rain or shine! Mentors will have extra wet-weather gear available for students to borrow on rainy days.
  • Extra adults are ALWAYS welcome, including parent volunteers! Please let parents know they are welcome to attend (assuming they have undergone all relevant background checks).

Teacher Expectations

The only thing required of classroom teachers is an open mind and a willingness to try something new! While there is lots of room to partner and co-create lesson plans that integrate concepts being covered in the classroom, much of the benefit comes from being an active participant in EdVentures activities, making connections to what experiences students have had in class, modeling a growth mindset and resilience (learning in the rain is an inevitable reality for EdVentures).

Teachers are also asked to coordinate outing times with Wild Whatcom staff,  get parent permission slips signed as well as taking care of any additional field trip protocol for your school.

Teacher Reviews

“I appreciate the focus on mindfulness and interconnected relationships between people and nature. My students have experienced the natural world just outside the door of our classroom in ways they would never have otherwise. EdVentures has aligned well with our Units of Inquiry… particularly the Sharing Our Planet unit focusing on how we dispose of materials. The FBI lesson about soil decomposers was wonderful! I appreciate that the leaders came prepared with classroom management techniques that were age appropriate, yet flexible for students with behavioral plans.”

-2nd Grade teacher at Birchwood Elementary

“The leaders who worked with my classroom were amazing: engaging, enthusiastic, and highly knowledgeable! Giving the students opportunities to get outside (when many of them typically don't) and engage with nature is an invaluable experience.”

-2nd Grade teacher at Roosevelt Elementary

Scheduling / Questions

Interested in EdVentures at your school? Contact Program Coordinator, Meredith Hayes: schoolprograms@wildwhatcom.org.