Go Wild for Wild Whatcom Today!

Dear Friends,

Wild Whatcom ignites enduring connections to nature. Your gift will inspire kids to recognize that we are all connected, we are all teachers, and we can each make positive change in this world.

"Wild Whatcom has given me a voice to speak out for what I believe in. It's given me values, like to help make a difference in the community. It's given me a ton of self-confidence and determination. But mostly it's given me some of the most amazing experiences and memories."
                                                                             - Participant

This giving season, please choose Wild Whatcom. You will be making a difference in the lives of hundreds of children, right here in our community, who otherwise wouldn't have the chance to roam, romp, and learn in our wondrous natural areas.   

Go wild and get kids outside!

You will inspire future stewards for our community and earth. 

Every dollar makes an impact.

Take a minute and
donate today!

With gratitude,

Your friends at Wild Whatcom